The Art of the Fireplace - How to sell a property within 10 days in any market

The Fireplace, Chimney, Firebox, Hearth and Mantle are often the most neglected features of a home. Experts agree that neglecting creosote build-up on the interior of a chimney is asking for a dreaded "chimney fire." Before to entering "the market," it is important to have a chimney cleaned as well as its components inspected by a licensed professional.


Broken and/or Cracked fireplaces are dangerous and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Make sure a Licensed Professional using a Permit is in place. The building inspector and the permit are your "insurance policies" for proper workmanship and safety. Homeowners and their agents can add value on several levels by marketing "Rebuilt Chimney with a Permit.”


Replacing a damaged damper inside the "throat" of a fireplace can be expensive. A new Chimney Cap with a built-in Spark Arrestor, and Damper can replace the original rusted or warped damper, which is either stuck in place and/or not sealing properly.


There are several methods to clean smoke damaged bricks to return to the original "like-new" appearance. Some just clean the bricks to the best of their ability to remove smoke damage. I like to paint the firebox with high-temp flat black stove paint. Painting the fireplace, mantle, hearth, walls, removing the carpet, and refinishing the original hardwood floors is always a stunning transformation.