Market Wise Accepting Offers Too Soon & Too Many Days on the Market

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It does not matter if it is a hot, warm or cold market real estate market when it comes to letting a listing "breathe." Sellers who make sound decisions in a timely fashion, outperform home-sellers who make poor decisions in an untimely manner. Letting a buyer's purchase offer languish is just as bad as accepting his or her offer on day one. In my latest "Market Wise" Q&A we speak to the rarely advantageous "pre-emptive offer.



The other question in this column broaches the issue of "Days on Market" (DOM). Often misunderstood, but every property always has a great narrative with its "DOM." Lest we forget, listing agent and/or sellers can speed up or elongate the time on the market. If you are a real estate enthusiast, a licensee or just thinking of making a move; you'll enjoy the following dialogue.

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