Another Q&A from San Jose Mercury News: Buyer Unhappy with Seller Repairs Still Rings True Today

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q ~ We sold our house in August 1998. Before the sale, an inspection of the bathroom floor revealed some water damage. The inspector did not find structural damage. We replace the vinyl and wood under the floor. Later the inspector cleared the bathroom and the buyer signed off on it. In June this year, the buyer returned and said the work was unsatisfactory. He wants us to pay for additional work. Should we?


A ~ If you completed the work, the termite company only states the home is free of infestation and will not warranty any of the workmanship or materials. Your contract should hold your answer. Did the contract have a repair clause? If so, did it say all the work must be completed by a licensed contractor, using good materials, workmanship, building codes and permits? Did the buyer have a right to inspect the work and approve the completed results? Home sellers often try to save money on repairs that often come back to haunt them. More than 90 percent of real estate disputes involve buyers going after sellers in a case similiar to your own. Let your contract be your guide.

Real Estate Virtual Forum Saturday, September 18, 1999

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