Another Q&A from San Jose Mercury News ~ Case of the Disappearing Agents ~ (What Happened to Protecting a Client's Interest?)

lw4n6581.jpg Q: We were referred to a top agent whom we spoke on the phone
and really liked. However, when we arrived in town, her husband
met us instead and we never heard from her again. We found a house
that we liked and signed a contract with him and then he disappeared as
well. He won't return our calls. We live 600 miles away and need help.
What can we do?

A: It is important to note that California recognizes the agent at the company
level. Meaning, your agent is actually the firm representing you as the principal.
The state mandates that the sales force of licensees must be supervised by a
broker/manger. Many top sales-associates delegate “working with buyers” to
licensed underlings. This process is not a problem if agreed to upfront and the
licensee has the skill-set to navigate a buyer through the complex home-buying
process. Many buyers are surprised to learn that finding the right home is only
the tip of the iceberg. Call the firm’s broker and demand that this licensee be
replaced immediately with an astute buyer’s rep. Otherwise, the consequences can be titanic.

by Pat Kapowich, Broker/Owner Excerpted from the San Jose Mercury News, SJMN

Market Wise Column, Saturday, April 5, 2008

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