Is It Smart to let buyer's inspector check foundation of an "As-Is" property?

lw4n6581.jpg Excerpted from the San Jose Mercury News Column "Market Wise" 7/18/08

Q: We are selling our house and the buyer's home inspector is recommending further inspection of the sub-area by an appropriate professional. We don't feel this is warranted, as our pre-sale inspection noted basically the same observations and comments. Should we grant an extension to the buyer for the inspection of the foundation of a 48-year-old house in the suburbs? It's an as-is sale.

A: Location, location, location? Consumers especially sellers, should follow this rule: Disclose. Inspect. Disclose. Buyers file the majority of lawsuits, many of which are often referred to as Bad House Cases. What sellers feel e.g., basically the same observation is moot. Until buyers are completely satisfied inspecting a home (often to the dismay of the agents involved), a seller should not sell them their house.