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Fred Yokel

For the past 4 or 5 years I have been concentrating on these voluminous, non-anatomically-correct figures. They typically have large legs and lower portions and become smaller in the torso area and head. I like to show actions and emotions in their poses rather than detailed facial expressions, thus the heads are usually minimally expressive. I am also very interested in surface texture and continue to search for new inspiration for finishes on my pieces. I find new ideas looking at geologic formations, plant textures and weathered surfaces, both natural and man-made.


Titled "Oh Yeah? Watch This"

Most of the pieces are built using the coil method. I use coils that are quite fat and flatten them to make them taller before attachment. I like to call them sloils--kind of a combination slab and coil. I typically start with the feet and work my way up coaxing the clay to get the flow of the stance that I am striving for.


Titled "You Mean Like This"

Inspiration for poses comes from many places--my kids, Yoga, dance, baseball, Cirque du Soleil. I often sketch poses before I begin so I can refine them and also so I don't forget them. There are so many possibilities. Many of the pieces express humor. I like to laugh and believe that laughter is therapeutic, so it is actually complimentary for someone to laugh while viewing my work.


Titled "It Was Kind of Bent"

Fred Yokel Studio: 408-433-4720

Fred's work is currently featured at the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts


Titled "I Don't Get It"

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