Bob Kinzie, Ceramic Artist and Instructor

BOB KINZIE Artist Statement

February, 2008


My long years involved with the potters wheel recently includes experiments with the application of wet clay to a thrown cylinder which are then expanded from the inside, coupled with selective drying.


The resultant surface has elements of inadvertency reminiscent of the Mingei style.


Using a variation of tools on the wet clay gives me a variety of surprising textures, that keep me exploring for more.


By using these textured slabs I can create numerous vase forms by hand building with them.


Out of This Earth Exhibit

(831) 688-3747

5345 Freedom Blvd., Aptos, CA 95003


The largest collection of Bob & Sandy Kinzie Ceramics is featured at KAPOWICH REAL ESTATE, in the Kapowich Art Gallery.

Bob is a member of The Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California, (ACGA).