Deja Vu~What Spring & Summer Sellers, and Their Licensees, Can Learn from their Fall & Winter Counter-Parts

lw4n6581.jpg What is the Difference between Ignorance & Stupidity?

Knowing better. Weather is not the only thing that changes with the seasons, sellers and their licensees, do also! Sellers who are perceived as rude in person, and/or disrespectful through negotiations are simply being ignorant. An expensive ignorance.

When the seller's rep is rude or disrespectful to the buyer and/or the buyer's licensees, he/she is demonstrating stupidity at very expensive levels. They are clearly breaching their agency duties to both the seller(s) and the brokerage firm they represent. Because of such treatment, many times a ready, willing and able buyer will say, "I don't care what the price, I'm NOT buying that home."

Dear God, Let Me Be The Third Realtor

Sellers and their licensees should be constantly promoting the property's features in an enthusiastic manner. Otherwise, the unprofessional licensees' employment period will expire, and he/she will be replaced. Often this cycle is repeated at least once, until a real pro is employed to sell the home ~ Realtor #3

Spring & Summer Sellers & Their Licensees

In Spring, buyers begin to emerge from their emotional and intellectual hibernation in increasing numbers. Many Sellers and their licensees have been waiting to list their properties until Spring. As the number of listings and prospective buyers increase, the sellers and the seller's licensees often lose the motivation to treat each contact as important as the first. As a rule, during the first few days of a listing, visitors to the property are usually greeted with enthusiasm.

By Summer, the number of listing on the market will peak, as will the foot-traffic, including qualified buyer prospects as well as looky-loos. Summertime sellers and/or their licensees can easily slip into greeting the mass of visitors in a lackluster fashion. They often appear disrespectful and/or uninterested.

Fall & Winter Sellers & Their Licensees

Coming out of the traditional selling seasons, sellers begin to feel anxious, while their licensees are outright nervous. When leaving August and entering September, they know the bulk of sales have taken place and any buyer(s) looking to place children in the local school(s), have already done so. The stage is set for friendlier exchanges between buyers and sellers and their licensees, especially, with the holidays approaching.

Why do Holiday/Wintertime sellers make the colder months a better business environment? They treat the sale of their home as if it is a real job. No one has to tell them that a declining number of able buyers are shopping for homes. They and their licensees are often treating everyone like old friends. It is obvious the seller(s) and their licensees are working as a team to make the property as appealing as possible. These sellers will not give their home away, but they will negotiate with professionalism and earnest, (something that should happen year 'round).

Residential "Real Estate is a Finesse Business."

As opposed to commercial real estate where arrogance and buffoonery is often commonplace, (almost expected). However, when buyers enter into this part of our industry dealing with homes, their homes, anxiety is at an all time high, and is even more reason to treat everyone with respect. Otherwise a seller's best case scenario is the loss of time and money until the home eventually sells. Worse case scenario is litigation; 80-90% of claims filed are by disgruntled buyers. Suprised? I'm not.

Pat Kapowich, "Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay"