Featured Artist of the Day ~ Barbara Brown, Ceramic Artist & Instructor

bb-04.jpg Sunnyvale's Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown is the first of our featured artists under the category Community Artists. She has been our friend, instructor and also a featured artist at our gallery here at Kapowich Real Estate.


"My goal as a Clay Artist is to create objects that communicate peace & tranquility. Inspiration and ideas are developed from studies of natural & organic forms. Elements taken from stones, water holders and plants are studied, sketched and abstracted for future use in design work. I hope to be able to contribute some beauty to the world."


"I work in porcelain & buff Stoneware, firing the pieces to Cone 10 in an oxidation atmosphere. My glazes are mostly black & white. I've begun to add slate to my work as a table top or a saucer."


CLICK HERE for Barbara's Website BarbaraBrownClayArt.com

bb-301.jpgWall Tile 24"x 24"

Barbara's work will be displayed at the 7th Annual Art in Clay Ceramic Show & Sale Nov/10th & 11th