Featured Artist of the Day ~ Daniel Dermer, Ceramic Artist & Instructor


Dan Demer

Everything about working with clay -- the earthy aroma, the ability to shape it into beautiful forms, and the gorgeous and elusive glazes which adorn the finished product -- have captivated Dan since childhood.

danpic1.jpg Born and raised in Los Gatos, Dan first learned how to throw pottery on the wheel at age 11, as one of the younger students at Blossom Hill Crafts – a local teaching studio and Los Gatos institution.


Though distracted by a career in high-tech training for the last decade or so, Dan finally traded laptops and business travel for kilns and clay, and is now working full time as a potter making utilitarian and decorative vessels in the long tradition of American- and Asian-influenced clay artists.

danpic3.jpg Dan’s present work includes ash-glazed stoneware and porcelain, oxblood red and flambé glazed decorative and functional porcelain, as well as a variety of items for the table, including dinnerware in a variety of luscious glazes.


Dan teaches classes in wheel-thrown pottery at Blossom Hill Crafts in Los Gatos (www.blossomhillcrafts.com).

Website: www.HigherFireStudios.com

E-Mail: ddermer@sbcglobal.net Dan is a member of Orchard Valley Ceramic Art Guild, (OVCAG), and The Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California, (ACGA).