Featured Artist of the Day ~ Lee Middleman, Ceramic Artist

Lee Middleman In my ceramic forms, I seek to create shapes that reflect the curves found in Nature and patterns and textures that emphasize the organic interplay between order and randomness.

leea.jpg Highly Textured


The tactile feel and visual look of surface textures are essential to my pieces. My recent work is focused on creating textures by deeply impressing patterns into thrown cylinders without distorting the overall shape. The cylinder is then expanded from only the inside to create the final form. This technique allows the pattern to evolve as the clay twists and expands. As the pattern adjusts to the shape and function of the vessel, it becomes reflective of Nature’s adaptation to the form - as the size and shape of a reptile’s scales gradually vary along its body

lee-handbuiltstoneware.jpgHand Built Stoneware


For high-fire pieces, the glazing process enhances the natural aesthetic of the order and randomness. Thinly glazed surfaces highlight the macropatterns and reveal the stoneware clay’s micro-texture created during the expansion process. Wood Fire: This body of work is created and fired in wood kilns in Japan, Korea, and China. It is for exhibition and sale in these countries only. Simple textures and surfaces are used to compliment the fire effects.

almond-vase.jpgWood Fired

"For wood fired pieces, the firing process enhances the natural aesthetic of the order and randomness."

leewood-fire.jpgWood Fired


My goal is to pursue the interplay of shape, surface texture, ordered patterns, and random effects so that work is created that intrigues the eye and demands to be touched.

lee1.jpg Highly Textured

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Website: www.LeeMiddleman.comE-Mail: Lee@LeeMiddleman.com Click here for the Galleries displaying Lee's work


Lee is a member of Orchard Valley Ceramic Art Guild, (OVCAG), and The Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California, (ACGA).