Featured Artist of the Day ~ Sandy Kinzie, Ceramics Artist

Sandy Kinzie sandy-kinzie.jpg

Artist's Statement


After more than a decade my enthusiasm for creating ceramic pieces is boundless. I've taken many classes and countless wonderful workshops, learning something helpful from every potter/teacher, especially my husband, Bob.


Through the exploration of many processes, I find myself drawn to both the wheel and texture. I'm most fascinated by functional pots. Hand building teapots, vases, and a variety of platters from textured thrown slabs is a constant challenge. My husband, a long time professional potter, is my slab maker.


I like to create pieces that others are drawn to while I'm constantly trying to improve the design and functionality of my work. I love to make bowls on the wheel, then explore a variety of glazes.


The other area of fascination is working with colored clays. I sometimes use the colored loaves that I create from different colored clays by themselves. At other times I laminate them in thin slices on a plain background and then create a form. The exploration goes on!


The largest collection of Bob & Sandy Kinzie Ceramics is featured at KAPOWICH REAL ESTATE, in the Kapowich Art Gallery.


Sandy Kinzie sbkinzie@charter.net

Sandy is a member of Orchard Valley Ceramic Art Guild, (OVCAG), and The Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California, (ACGA).