Hiring a Licensee? What are the Most Important Points to Consider? Real Estate Attorney Douglas White Comments ~ Program # 136


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Real Estate Attorney Douglas White, of Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Inc., speaks out on the critical role of the licensee when representing a client. Many licensees brag about being hired because of their beautiful brochure and/or presentation folder. unknown1.jpg Real estate attorneys often mention that while marketing is important, the skill-set of the licensee should be scrutinized. While the licensee is selling their marketing and/or knowledge of a neighborhood, this should not be the reason a customer becomes a client.Real estate attorneys often comment the consumer's focus should be the licensee's knowledge of the different contracts, clauses and avoidance of transactional pitfalls. In addition, the licensee should have deft negotiating abilities.picture-6.png After all, the licensee is the consumer's representative in the marketplace. The actions of a licensee are a direct reflection on on the client, in more ways than one. There is nothing worse than a licensee getting in the way a sale and/or worse, create a legal problem for the ones they were hired to protect.Toughening or eliminating real estate Licensing Laws have fostered discussions on the internet, beginning with Greg Swann's Bloodhound Realty weblog, which sparked more comments from others, such a Athol Kay of REAgentinCt and Russell Shaw of NoHassleListing.

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