How to Survive A Remodel by Real Estate Attorney Nancy Chillag

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How to Survive A Remodel

Insurance during a construction project is critical. Your contractor should have various types of insurance in place, such as general liability insurance, worker's compensation insurance, automobile insurance. But you need insurance too! Check with your current homeowner’s insurance representative. If you are going to live in the property you can probably get a rider on the policy to cover the construction. If you are not going to live in the property, you may need to purchase what is called Builder’s Risk Insurance. That way if the house burns down during construction and it is not your contractor's fault, your insurance company will pay to have the house rebuilt to the point it was in the construction before the fire. Without this insurance, you will only get it rebuilt to the condition it was in prior to the start of construction.


For any homeowner thinking about or starting a remodel, How to Survive a Remodel will guide you through every step and protect you along the way

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