It's Not a Bad Thing to Have a Good Attorney ~ Q&A from the San Jose Mercury News

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Market Wise Column Saturday, May 10, 2008

Q: We sold our home in 2005 and are now being sued by the
buyers. We were referred to a real estate attorney. When we told
him the name of the attorney representing the buyers, he
responded nonchalantly, “Oh, I know him, he’s a good attorney!”
This unconcerned attitude makes us very uncomfortable. Why would
he say such a thing? Should we look for a “good attorney,” too?

A: It sounds like your search is over. You had the smarts to engage
a real estate attorney. Many people don’t. Big Mistake. Secondly, only
a good attorney would acknowledge the deftness of the opposing
counsel with poised self-assurance. Results will be sooner and legal
fees will be lower with a good real estate attorney on both sides of a
dispute. Last, if you were referred to this attorney by
a satisfied client, it’s time to prepare your case.

by Pat Kapowich, Broker/Owner

Market Wise Column Saturday, May 10, 2008

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