Licensee Working for the Know-it-All Client, or Not: "Sir, How Long Do I Have to Keep Making You Look Good in Front of Your Wife?"

lw4n6581.jpg Deja Vu

"Sir, How Long Do I Have to Keep Making You Look Good in Front of Your Wife?"

Years ago I referred a young couple who were buying their first home, and the husband was a classic know-it-all. There was not one topic he did not comment upon, especially real estate; Get it? The first-time buyer is educating his licensee, (in front of his wife). Jeez, if I only had a dollar for every time I had to nod and respond, "that's a good point, ..however..." His wife once interrupted one of his monologues by saying, "come along, Cliff, we have to go." His name was not Cliff. I, of course, acted as if I did not know what she meant; preserving the egos of these geniuses is paramount. Years later, they employed me as a seller's licensee, you guessed it ~ during the divorce proceedings. That was a ball-of-fun.

cliff-incheers.jpgCliff Clavin of Cheers

They Love It When Someone is Chasing Their Tale on Their Behalf

Throughout my sales career, managers, owners and co-workers alike would come to me and state, "Pat, would you please talk to this customer before I strangle the snot out of him." What did I know that my colleagues did not? Know-it-alls will continue to inform and intimidate until someone goes toe-to-toe with resolute solutions to each and every issue they can and will dream up. They actually respect people who stand their ground, and hold in disdain those who don't.

As I always say, "You're Better off Taking a Nap in Your Hammock"

Some licensees clearly represent anyone who can fog a mirror, opting for quantity of business over quality. I've always chosen the latter. Let the office shysters and know-it-all licensees work for the difficult clients. Heck, who better to have transactions and/or "professional" relationships that implode. You'll be better off to conserve your time, energy and resources,

hammock_company.jpg The Hammock Company

Real Estate Attorney Ron Rossi always referred to difficult clients as
"Lawsuits Waiting to Happen"

ronrossi.gifRon Rossi

Sales and negotiations require limitless teamwork when dealing with others with opposite goals and strategies. When know-it-all-clients repeatedly bring more to the table than they are qualified to. They are in fact, losing time and often important avenues of opportunities. In fact, so much time is lost listening to a know-it-all and correcting their mistakes, a licensee could enjoy working for two normal clients, in that same frame of time. Or, you could be reclining in your hammock.


Pat Kapowich, "Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay"