Market Wise: How Do Sellers "Move" Forward?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: We have interviewed a total of five local real estate professionals to be our listing agent, but none of them seem to agree on anything especially the price of our home! Only one agent volunteered a list price. A couple candidates gave a range from which we are to choose a list price. The other two did not have any price in mind. This is ridiculous. Are we laypeople supposed to establish the best marketing plan and offering price ourselves?


A: No, you're not. You only have to determine the best candidate to represent you. Together you'll decide on inspections, repairs and/or improvements, marketing, presentation and, lastly, the list price. Because of the heavy turnover of real estate licensees and industry interlopers, adherence to regional standards of practice has become lax. It's up to sellers to employ astute representatives to level the playing field. Insightful listing agents will make it look easy while they protect sellers' interests in a game with too many players who aren't sure about the rules.

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