Market Wise Q&A column: Is the Information on a Property Flier worth the Paper is it Written on?


Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: I happened to still be at our home when a single Buyer came through our Open House.  Our Listing Agent, to his credit, offered her a property flier twice, which she refused, claiming, “I have all the details on the internet.”  I know from shopping for homes that there are often additional details on a Seller’s brochure at the property that are not on an Agent’s website.  Isn’t that usually the case? 

A:  Usually, depending upon the Listing Agent’s style of marketing material.  Additionally,  the contact information for the Listing Agent is often different on paper than it is digitally.  That is why if there is any interest in a property one should take the property brochure as well as the Listing Agent’s business card.  The key to real estate sales is communication.  The person with the best information can often unlock limited access to a Listing Agent while others are still waiting for a response to an office-assigned email address or voice mail. Perhaps, that prospective Buyer was not interested in your property and simply wanted to “go green.”  If she was interested, like many ill-informed buyers’ agents who count solely on digital information, she unknowingly weakened her negotiating position.


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