Market Wise Q&A: Do Sellers Know How Listing Agents Treat Visitors at Open Houses?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: I'm a homeowner and have been thinking this is a good time to trade up. While visiting open houses to get a feel of home values and neighborhoods, I’m amazed that often the hosting agent are just plain mean. I'm well dressed, smile and say “hello,” and most of the time the agent will look me up and down and proceed to be rude. I'm not sure if it’s the color of my skin or that I look young for my age. Do you think their sellers know how these listing agents treat visitors at these events?

A: Not likely. Sellers have no idea how a listing agent treats guests at their open house. Nor do they and their listing agents understand that should a prospective buyer feel slighted in any way, they will proclaim to their agent, "We would not buy that house if they gave it to us." Even worse, the sales manager and/or broker/owners of these offensive agents are also clueless. Visually sizing up consumers is the mark of an amateur. Not only could he/she lose the sale or the listing, his/her license could be revoked. The pro knows that an older gentleman who pulls up to an open house in a beat-up truck could very well own a baker’s dozen of rental properties. 9-5-2009

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