Market Wise Q&A from the SJMN: Should Listing Agents Name Each School?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: We received a couple of complaints in a round-about way how our Listing Agent conducted herself while holding an Open House.  She refused to name the elementary, middle and high schools associated with our home claiming it was “against company policy.” According to a neighbor who overheard the conversation, one buyer became enraged and stormed out of the Open House.  She successfully persuaded us to leave schools out  of the property flier and advertising, and just list the respective school districts.  Is this practice worth upsetting prospective home shoppers?

A: Absolutely, this is a great vetting technique for Sellers to avoid toxic Buyers.  First, the buyer who would become infuriated at an Open House, probably with his family in tow, is the last person with whom a seller should enter into negotiations and/or a legally binding contract.  Secondly, when admission to particular schools is not available, Agents and Sellers who have named schools have been sued, which is why the MLS  stopped auto-populating years ago.  Finally, it is not the duty of Agents to to go off-site and do investigations, such as build permits, schools, etc.


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