Market Wise Q&A: How Do I Get My Spouse Out of Our Apartment?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: My boss (as well as my father) is really pushing us to stop renting and go out and buy a home, now. My husband feels we should continue to wait. I'm so tired of renting. How do I get my husband out of this apartment?


A: One of the top reasons renters become homeowners is because they want to stop paying the landlord's mortgage. Some buyers buy because the housing prices have dropped. Others make moves when the interest rates are favorable. High inventory levels will often help people decide to make a particular house a home. Plus, sellers and their reps in fall and winter usually come to play ball.

Not only does your husband currently have one of the top motivations to become a homeowner in his corner, he has all of them. My mainstay indicator for when young adults need to take advantage of a cooler market is when their employers and parents simultaneously and repeatedly urge them to do so. Together it clearly appears the sage real estate attorney's old adage is presently in play for people like your fence-sitting spouse: If waiting for the bottom of the market, you're going to miss the bottom of the market.


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