Market Wise Q&A: Should the Listing Agent Sell the House or Her Services?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury New Q: Our buyer’s agent emailed us a list of Open Homes since he was tied up with other appointments that day.  When we tour a home, listing agents usually ask if we have an agent when we walk in the door and most will understand and be helpful when we explain that we have representation. Yet, one listing agent hounded us throughout the Open House to hire her so she could “get us a better deal” on the house.  We were shocked at how brazen and unethically this agent conducted herself.  Also, her obligation to be selling the home took a back seat to getting us to switch agents.  Can an ethics board of some sort reprimand her?

A: Absolutely.  Provided she is a member of the state, local and national associations.  If she is a completely independent real estate licensee, then only her seller can and should punish her ~ by hiring a new listing agent.


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