Market Wise Q&A: What is the Best Way to Get HOA Documentations from the Banks?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: We bought a repossessed townhouse and have repeatedly requested the Home Owner's Association documentation, to no avail. What is the best way to get documentation from banks or their agents with only 10 days left in our escrow period?


A: Get it yourself. Don't wait any longer for the bank or its rep to order and provide the HOA docs, pursue them immediately. Contact the HOA management firm and explain the situation. They might want to confirm you are a buyer and "under contract," fair enough. This is too important an issue to wait for the bank to provide HOA docs. Yes, that means you will pay for the docs instead of the bank. It's worth every nickel. Conversely, letting this contract disclosure deadline come and go without action has potential ramifications exponentially more costly than a stack of online HOA docs.


By Pat Kapowich, owns Kapowich Real Estate in Sunnyvale. E-mail questions to him at