Methods for Buying and Selling Simultaneously (best done in a so-called 'buyer's market")

lw4n6581.jpg Part 1 Hire a Licensee Capable of Representing You as Both a Buyer and a Seller Not as easy as it sounds. We have a large number of sales agents with fewer than 5 years in the industry. Many have never handled concurrent transactions and/or do not possess the knowledge or skill-set needed to help their clients negotiate with ever-changing circumstances and players. These licensees will test the nerves of the ones they serve while a seasoned professional can instill confidence and make a complex endeavor seem simple.

Sale of Buyer's Property Contingency Is the sale contingent upon the sale only or the sale and close? Huge difference! Does the buyer presently have a contract on their property? If not, is the buyer's property currently on the market? No? Well...when will the buyer's property be on the market, under contract and the sale completely closed? Can you see why one should have a sales agent adept at presenting any one of these concepts to a seller and especially their gate-keeper, the seller's agent? Note: Always get these terms in writing on forms typically drafted by real estate attorneys.

Pat Kapowich, "Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay"