Myth # 5 The "80/20"Rule. ~ It Should Say: "90% of Real Estate Professionals are Salt-of-the-Earth. The Other 10% Could Have Been"

lw4n6581.jpg Part 1 While I might be using a broad brush to describe these specific roles under the real estate umbrella: residential and commercial loan officers, property managers, and sales associates. How we handle ourselves, how we are viewed by the consumers and how we are paid is closely related.

I'll single-out residential sales, specifically members who must belong to all three of the local, state and national trade groups ~ The REALTOR.

In Chris Berg's article on Greg Swann's website, she refers to a Wall Street Journal article lauding the "go-it-alone" approach to the housing market. Bloundhound's website included Carol Lloyd of's article sighting the 2006 Harris Poll, which states "real estate agents are among the least-trusted professionals -- second only the stockbrokers." Lloyd's article goes on the state completing "studies" showing the huge economic difference when a Seller uses a REALTOR vs "going-it-alone."

When REALTORS lack training, talent and/or ethics~it's hard to manipulate statistics.

The 10-18-2006 California Association of REALTORS, (CAR), report finds Internet Savvy-Home Sellers were 21% Satisfied and 10% were Very Satisfied with the Home Selling Process. Traditional Home Sellers were 18% Satisfied and 27% were Very Satisfied.

The same CAR survey shows Internet-Savvy Buyers were 21% Satisfied and 71% Very Satisfied with their Agent's Negotiating Skills. Traditional Home Buyers were 34% Satisfied and 26% Very Satisfied. The National Association of REALTORS, (NAR), 2006 Survey sites 70% of Buyers and Sellers were Satisfied with their Agent's Negotiating skills.

In part 2 ~ I'll review the 10% that "could have been."

Pat Kapowich

"Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay"