Online Lead Generation Execs Boast of Successes at Inman's Real Estate Connect~2.0 Will Put An End To That

lw4n6581.jpgThe program I am referring to as America's Perfectly Legal Real Scam was live and on stage at the closing of Brad Inman's real estate conference. Having seen Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield and Jerry Seinfeld-Live, I really think these execs could take their act on the road. Online Lead Generation companies troll the internet for real estate leads, which they then "scrub," and often sell to the highest bidding loan or sales - agent/broker. Pat Kitano, aptly states these 1.0 internet companies have no interest in make the switch to 2.0 internet companies. Why? That would allow direct interaction between consumers and agents.

The execs or solution providers, boast of customer delight, for millions of unique visitors who then embrace the new consumers with multi-layers of getting involved in the transaction. Not by representing buyers and sellers, but by going after the 60 billion in commissions.

That Internet Provider, (Interloper), is referring to the broker fees earned in the field, by the Loan Officer's Company, the Buyer's Agency and the Seller's Agency. (Pre-owned Single-Family Residences (alone) total approximately 6.7 million in annually transactions).