Pat's "Market Wise" Q&A column in SJ Mercury News: Needing More Than Inspectors


Pat's "Market Wise" real estate Q&A advice column runs in the Pulitzer Prize-winning San Jose Mercury News on the first and third Sunday. Look for it in a Bay Area News Group newspaper near you. Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News


Q: We just moved into a larger home because we now have children. The first night after we moved in we gave our toddler a bath in the upstairs hall bathroom. Water then started to shower out of the front entry light fixture. The next day the garage door came off its rails. How is it possible that highly recommended inspectors missed these items?

A: Home inspectors, as well as structural pest control operators (termite inspectors) will fill up a bathtub or shower stall located on the first floor of a home, not the second. Your inspectors most likely ran the water in your upstairs tub but did not use the plumbing mechanism to fill it and test it for leaks. It sounds like you bought a big house from an empty nester and the hall bathtub has not be used for years, maybe decades. Since inspectors will not take on the potential risk of causing an upstairs water leak, it's up to the buyers, sellers, and agents to test for second story plumbing leaks. That entails filling up a few inches of water in the tub and floor of a shower. If a leak appears, it becomes a new disclosure issue, and most likely the sellers will fix it to keep the sale afloat. It speaks volumes when a garage door opening and closing is so loud you have to stop talking. It means the door's moving parts and tracks have not been regularly sprayed with silicon and aligned. Could you hold a conversation in that garage?


"Market Wise" Q&A Dec 4, 2016


President’s Choice award speech:

"I would like to recognize a gentleman who is known for always being prepared, articulate and is a pursuer of knowledge.  This per has been in real estate since 1987 and a licensed Broker since 1997.  This person is a published author that has been covered by and written for the Wall Street Journal, The San Jose Business Journal and the Mercury News to just name a few.

This person has stepped up as a leader from the Independent Brokers forum which has helped bridge the gap with SCCAOR leadership.  This person attends almost every class and education event to soak up knowledge and share it with others.  From 2009 to 2011 this person became an Ombudsman for SCCAOR, resolving transactional conflicts before they escalate. This year we are thrilled to have this person continue their involvement as Chair of the Education Committee.

I would like to present the 2013 Presidents Choice Award to Pat Kapowich

by Carl San Miguel, 2013 President of the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS



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