Pat's SJMN Market Wise Q&A: Why do I have to sign in just to view a house?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News Q: We are trying to view homes when they have an open house. However, in many cases the real estate agent insists that we sign a guest book, often referring us to a note stating the seller requires visitors to provide personal information. Why would a seller make such a demand?


A: It is ironic that consumers are insulted at the front door of an "open house". The seller hired an agency to market and advertise their home in order to sell their property, not build the clientele of a licensee of that firm. If a seller knew that the "host" was using her or his home's open house to gather new client leads, she or he would feel swindled. The licensees were hired to promote the sale of the property, not themselves.


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