"People Often Hire Agents to be their Friends & Friends to be their Agent," Big Mistake! (what good is that if they can't get your offer accepted?)

lw4n6581.jpg I've always said...

"People Often Hire Agents to be their Friends & Friends to be their Agent"

(but, unbeknown to you and yours, your friend often does not own the skill-set to get your offer accepted)

Perfect Buyers' Agents have both the savvy and honesty to request their buyer, (eager to "write an offer" on the wrong property right now), to away their checkbook. (Rarely, rarely done by any agent in any market). He/he can and will find a better property/opportunity, which may add days or weeks to the home search, yet, ultimately will add years to the Buyer's residency. He/she knows well: a) this will be saving the Buyer(s) the hassle and cost of "moving-up" in a few short years and b) enhancing the quality of their Buyer's day-to-day living experience. Which equals c) the Perfect Buyer's Agent losing a valuable repeat-client for years to come. (I should know, I've been doing that all my career. Clients start the phone call by stating "Hi Pat, I don't know if you remember me/us, you represented me/us back in....)

He/she should always be diplomatic, well-mannered and professional. He/she know what to say and when, and more importantly, knows when and "how" to listen. The Perfect Buyer's Agent has the social intelligence to consistently read the situations, the players, and when and if presenting your offer in person, ably "reads the room." He/she should ask to present the buyer's offer in person. Which is a lost art. Many agents who started their careers in the double'00's, shutter at the idea of "presenting an offer in person." (Foolishly or sheepishly embracing the fax or scanner for "presenting offers").

He/she can actually "sell" the Buyer's offer to the Seller(s) and/or the Seller's agent(s). In the event, when only one of the players has been "sold" on the presentation/offer, the Perfect Buyer's Agent has actually (successfully) enlisted that agreeable party's help to "sell" the remaining "holdouts" through key well-thought out selling and/or negotiating points. Time and time again, this is proven to me, when someone on the "other side," volunteers, "what sold us was," the well thought out selling and/or negotiating point(s)! Those selling/negotiating points are the groundwork that he/she was politely, yet firmly, spoken of before, during and after the presentation of their offer.

Lacking a signed offer, he/she normally secures one mutually agreeable counter-offer, (not the 4th, 5th or 6th) within hours, (not 2,4,or 6 days). He/she must possess the readiness to constantly gather facts, counsel and advise, and have the foresight to discuss the ramifications of each buyer decision (of which there are many).

All this is why 80-90% agents will privately tell me, year after year, they dislike working with buyers. This indicates that not only do they often lack the skills listed above, they lack motivation. They usually claim working with Buyers is poor time management (driving people around, previewing, showing property and and eventually...putting people together from scratch) and proclaim that they just "don't have the patience." The Perfect Buyer's Agent skill-set lends itself to proactively procuring a sale in a timely fashion, from scratch! Regardless, as a solid negotiator, he or she always has and always will,...have the patience of Jobe.

Pat Kapowich, "Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay" SiliconValleyBroker.com