"People will visit 17 different car dealships to save $200 or $300, but will go (straight) to one real estate agent to buy a $1,000,000 house." Astute Real Estate Attorney Anthony Ventura speaks out on Buyer, Seller and Agent Mistakes

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When I first saw Real Estate Attorney Anthony Ventura, of Miller, Morton, Caillat & Nevis, it was at a seminar for Brokers and Managers, sponsored by the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors. I wondered why he had such astute insight into the activities in and around real estate transactions. It was weeks that when I learned he grew up in the business.

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An excerpt from his bio states "Tony represents buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers in claims arising from breach of contract, failure to disclose, negligence and breach of fiduciary duties." Any party to a real estate transaction can learn from what he has to share, which help you spot issues that can lead to litigation. If you or yours can't avoid litigation, make sure you are on the same side of the table as this savvy real estate attorney, the other side is a lot more expensive.

afv-1.jpg Find out why I have since attended his real estate boards sponsored seminars, and featured him in our Second Saturday Forum series and interviewed him twice on Kapowich on Real Estate.

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