Pleased to be included Dan Melson's hosting Carnivale of Real Estate #76


For the second time, Searchlight Crusade plays host to the Carnival of Real Estate.

I want to mention that Searchlight Crusade is also the keeper of the list for the Consumer Focused Real Estate Carnival, which appears on alternate Wednesdays and highlights the best (non-commercial) posts aimed at individual buyers and sellers and owners of real estate. Guidelines for submission are here. Please consider submitting any appropriate articles you may write, and we could also use some future hosts.

With that said, on the the carnival submissions. Let's start with the ones that "made the cut" In no particular order:

Silicon Valley Real Estate Guide talks about Licensee Working for the Know-it-All Client, or Not: "Sir, How Long Do I Have to Keep Making You Look Good in Front of Your Wife?". We've all had the client with misinformed opinions that completely armor their skull, rendering it completely impervious to real information.

Investment Property Insider submits Create Personal Wealth Beyond Your Small Business, Part 3, discussing the decision to lease versus buy commercial real estate.

Sacramento Real Estate Gal sends us REO Buyers: Three Things to Watch For, discussing dealing with lender owned property.

Best Home Selling Tips sends us HUD 1 Form - Real Estate Settlement Statement Explained, discussing the only form in the whole process with a real requirement to be correct.

Minneapolis Luxury Real Estate Blog talks about why Why City Councils Should Stick to Business, or rather their own business, rather than trying to make life difficult on lenders.

Real Sage Advice asks the burning question: Senior Housing Wish List-What do Boomers Want? The answer is everything, but only when they want it. Nor do they want to pay for it.

Single Guy Money submits The Real Cost of Homeownership, discussing costs of home ownership.

Salt Lake Real Estate Blog sends us Fed Rate Cut Fallout, which is really more of a discussion of macroeconomics and psychology.

The second level of the ziggurat is next. Now we get to the posts that might have been worthy of consideration as top post of the week. Again in no particular order:

Mortgage Rates Report sends us A Nation of Subprime Borrowers?.

I disagree with Brian about the state of the southern California economy - I see a lot of very strong indicators on the state of the local economy. A large part of it seems to be major media spin - they were reporting worse numbers as wonderful a very few years ago when a different president occupied the White House (really - check for yourself!). But let Brian make his case.

Fiscal Musings sends us Why I Like Real Estate, Part II: Leverage.

Leverage can either help you, as illustrated in the article - or hurt you, as many people are discovering now. Usually it's helpful, though.

Your host presents Dealing With Looming Foreclosure - Get Out of Denial, from my other site. The sooner you face the reality, the less it's likely to damage you.

Columbus Real Estate Voice with 4 Ways Buyers Sabotage Their Perfect Home Purchase Next we come to the hardest decision I had to make, between two excellent articles on entirely different subjects. Unfortunately, I could only choose one, but silver is still excellent:

Real Estate Radio USA brings us The Five Competitive Forces That

Shape Strategy, a look at the factors controlling competition in the real estate business, and how the NAR may not be the best body for determining the future of the industry.

We've all been waiting for this moment, and now I'm happy to announce that we have a winner!

Up2Date talks about Rent Control - The Property Owners "Right to Life" Issue. One consequence he doesn't mention is that with rent control, there is little incentive to maintain rental property, or to build more of it. In fact, property owners begin looking for alternative uses for the property - causing a further constriction of the rental supply. In short, the "cure" only makes the disease worse.