Pleased to be included Denny's Oh's Carnivale of Real Estate (#73)

Welcome to SanDiegOh! I’ll begin my selections with a few blogs that offer some useful tips and insight. Some of these issues were news to me, so I hope they help you as well.

Dee in Austin of the Texas Realty Blog provides us with the Top 5 REALTOR Magazine Tools That You Don’t Know About. Dee reminds us, or in some cases introduces us to (not This is the online version of the REALTOR Magazine and the site also offers great tools to stay informed.

John Barker of John Barker’s Mortgage Blog doesn’t have t he most creative blog name, but he does offer some useful information on How much will my credit score cost me on my next mortgage? John talks about how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be placing new penalties for borrowers who have less than ideal FICO scores. The blog is short, clear and informative – thanks John.

Raymond of the Money Blue Book talks about some interesting ways to pay down your mortgage. In his blog, Use Credit Card

Rebates To Help Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Loan Principal, Ray teaches us about some credit cards that aren’t as flashy as air miles reward cards, but can help those who tend to over spend and maybe under pay their mortgage. Moving on, the next selections are more of the editorial type, but offer some insight on topics that many of us deal with. And while we may have heard it before, it’s always nice to get a quick reminder.

Mike Mueller at Patagonia Finance takes a step back from all the numbers and negativity in the current real estate and finance industry. In It Doesn’t Matter, Mike reminds readers that the change we’re all experiencing in the market right now is more than a decreased income, or articles about foreclosures. He asks us to look beyond the numbers and headlines and really think about how people are being affected. As Mike says, “it is Humans that matter.”

Pat Kapowich of Silicon Valley Broker talks about how the weather and changing seasons affect more than just what we wear. In Deja Vu~What Spring & Summer Sellers,

and Their Licensees, Can Learn from their Fall & Winter

Counter-Parts, Pat breaks down the year and talks about how agents and clients are affected by the weather – increased listings, holiday anxiety and how maybe when the best time to sell is.