Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud, Part 2 ~ "The Investigative Process" ~ Inside Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS' General Membership Meeting


Part 2

Douglas Cole, National Defense Investigator 2007 - U.S. Courts

Cole advised how honest licensees can help protect themselves when unknowingly representing dishonest parties. He stated, "Take your time to fill out the forms." (Which of course, is a lost art). He added, "Make sure all of the boxes are checked." (Also, another Standard of Care from yesteryear).

What-do-you-know, defrauding a federally insured lender has its drawbacks. "If it goes to litigation, you will be prosecuted." At the conclusion of the meeting, he quipped, "Once you are indicted, it is real hard to un-ring that bell."

Pat Kapowich, "Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay"