Real Estate Attorney Anthony Ventura on Foreclosures ~ #173 ~ Part 2 of 2

Buying & Selling Distressed Properties

Managing Risk, Expectations & Results with Lender Controlled Properties

Guest Speaker: Real Estate Attorney Anthony Ventura

Buyer and Seller Beware: Only prepared buyers and sellers should enter into transactions involving distressed properties. Short sales, pre-foreclosures and foreclosures are fraught with potential missteps and ramifications that are normally not found in an already stressful situation ~ the buying or selling of a home. Banks have become more aggressive toward buyers, sellers and their representative. Learning all sides of a transaction is paramount when negotiating, especially when the banks have loss mitigation departments that are overwhelmed and/or ill prepared.

Be a Savvy Consumer and Learn the Particulars: • Loan Modifications vs Short Sales • Short-Sales vs Foreclosures • Pre-Foreclosure & Foreclosures • Debt Relief Tax Consequences • Banks Demanding Loss Repayment • Agent Contracts vs Bank Contracts • Dealing with Multiple Lenders

Real Estate Attorney Anthony Ventura is a specialist in lending, escrow, title and bank controlled properties. Pat Kapowich is the Broker/Owner of Kapowich Real Estate in Cupertino. Pat is also a contributor to the Saturday Q & A column Market Wise in the San Jose Mercury News.

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