Real Estate Attorney Anthony Ventura speaks out on Distressed Properties ~ Part 1 of 2 ~ Program #172

Tony Ventura is a real estate attorney representing buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in residential and commercial real estate matters. In his practice, Tony represents clients in litigation disputes in both civil actions and arbitrations. Tony also serves as a counselor to his clients providing transactional and corporate advice. Tony also counsels individuals in foreclosure sales, short sales, and loan modifications. Tony also represents real estate professionals in administrative actions filed by the Department of Real Estate.

Tony has learned from his clients that, whether serving as a litigator or counselor, his clients want an attorney that quickly responds to questions with a legal analysis and options to consider. In his litigation practice, Tony provides his clients with a preliminary legal analysis of the case that includes an estimated budget and available options so that his clients can determine strategies and goals from the inception of the dispute. In transactional matters, Tony analyzes contracts and the legal issues involved so that clients can close the deal or decide to walk away. Tony performs these services in accordance with his clients’ deadlines and prides himself on his responsiveness to clients’ questions.

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