Real Estate Attorney Nancy Chillag's "How To Survive A Remodel" Part 1 ~ Verbal Agreement & Handshakes

Should you have a written contract for a remodel? Yes, yes, yes, you need a written contract! The days of handshakes are long gone.

attorney_conference.jpg The construction process is so complex that it is better for all parties if various issues are dealt with in writing. Some contractors will still expect you to let them do work without a contract. One of my clients thought she was getting a $180,000 remodel based on the verbal representation of the contractor, only to be invoiced in excess of $300,000. The difficulty is trying to prove what was actually said at the beginning of the project. If it is in writing, there will be no misunderstanding.

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nancy_depressed.jpg For any homeowner thinking about or starting a remodel, How to Survive a Remodel will guide you through every step and protect you along the way

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