Real Estate Attorney/Author Nancy Chillag ~ Can CC&R's Affect Your Remodel?

How CC&R's can affect your remodel. Covenants, conditions and restrictions (commonly known as CC&Rs) are rules that apply to certain clusters of property. For example, if a new subdivision is built and the developer (the person who plans and executes the construction) decides that all the houses should be a certain color, then a document will be drafted restricting the color of any house in that neighborhood. This document is then recorded with the County Recorder’s Office against every property in that subdivision. Any person attempting to paint their house a different color can be legally stopped from doing so. attorney_conference-1.jpg Sometimes even well-established neighborhoods have CC&Rs. Before you begin your project, research any CC&Rs that apply to your property. This information can be obtained from the County Recorder’s Office or will be on the title report you received when you purchased your property. Read it carefully and give a copy to your architect. Don't discover the restrictions after you start construction!


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