Real Estate Attorney/Author Nancy Chillag on "Choosing an Architect for your Project" (You Get What You Pay For)

Choosing an architect for your project. I strongly recommend that you interview several architects and/or designers. You can find them by talking to friends and relatives who have done a remodel to see who they used and whether they liked the person. You may also want to find some homes that reflect your tastes and ask those owners who they hired to design the home. Obtain names of architects/designers from the Planning Department for the city where the house is situated. Or if you have a particular address of a house you like, go to the city and look through their old files for the plans. The architect’s phone number will most likely be stamped on the plans that are on file with the city.


Sometimes people choose the least expensive architect they can find. Big mistake! The money you save on a poor or minimal design, you will spend ten times over in construction problems and changes. A client paid an architect only $500 for plans. During construction a post went up in the middle of the dining room. When the owner asked the contractor when the post would be removed, he replied, “It won’t; it’s in the design to hold up the second story.” The owner paid $3,000 in plan revisions and engineering fees and $20,000 to rip out the construction and rebuild the support system, and suffered a three month delay in the project. The morale of the story: You usually get what you pay for!

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