Real Estate Sales ~ Lawyers, Liars & Litigation: A Liar's Paradise (Who's Telling the Truth, Who's Not, Who Cares & Who Doesn't)

lw4n6581.jpg Part 1 of 3 ~ no ~ Part 1 of 5 ~ No,'s Part 1 of 6! Why can't some people get their stories straight?

Part 1 ~ Tools from the Liar's Toolbox

In the late 90's, the law firm of Rossi, Hammerslough, Reischl and Chuck, produced the tape and seminar series, "Lawyers, Liars and Litigation." This phenomenal series, was based on the premise that a Licensee must be proactive in protecting oneself in a truth-impaired industry, and the convenient amnesia developed by any one the players in their transactions. First-rate information that still holds true, today.

Liars and the lies they tell have always fascinated me. I often asked the familiar question: How do these people sleep at night? We all know the answer: Very well, thank you. Years later, I'd ask: Could their parents have done a worse job raising them? The last couple of years, I simply ask: How stupid can this person be? Lying out loud with Silent Reservations/Omissions:

Seller's Licensee "We are not accepting offers until next Thursday,"... (..If I don't have my lackey straw-agent represent my own buyer in the meantime) Lying because the Truth is None of Their concern:

Buyer ~co-worker inquires to the price and area of their purchase~ "Oh, we decided not to move, after all"

Lying to a liar:

Seller ~While interviewing the boastful licensee who obviously lies like a rug~ "We're going to interview 5 agents"

Expected Untruths:

Buyer's Licensee ~To the perceived buffoonery of the Seller's Licensee~ "You're doing a fine job of looking after your client's interest"

When White Lies Kill a Sale before, during or after Contract Ratification: Seller ~When the Licensee's receptionist will host their "Open House"~ "Oh no,..I don't mind who holds my house open"

Buyer ~During inspections, she notices the homemade facial tattoos on the adult son living next door~ "The neighbor seems...nice"

Part 2 ~ Ramifications and Consequences

Part 3 ~ Cause, Cures and Alternatives

Pat Kapowich, "Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South Bay"