The High Road to Negotiating Repairs in a Home Sale ~ "Market Wise" Q&A column by Pat Kapowich


Crawlspace Realtor Pat Kapowich Q: We were excited to finally get an offer accepted on a home. Today we had inspections, which were a little alarming. The chimney's broken, the fireplace needs repairs and the crawlspace has a several posts and piers that no longer touch the bottom the house. The reports still have to be written. This sale is a prompted by a divorce, and each seller has a realtor from different firms. How do we negotiate with the repairs in this context?


Realtor Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News and Bay Area News Group



Silicon Valley Realtor® Pat Kapowich


Silicon Valley Realtor Pat Kapowich

A: Not easily. This situation is akin to vacationing Americans driving on the wrong side of the road. Sellers listing and selling without their pre-sale inspections are asking for a host of avoidable road hazards. Listing agents who start driving the listing, marketing, broker tours, open houses and negotiations with seller inspections onboard have a proper itinerary. They will also help their sellers avoid or eliminate sudden stops in an already stressful environment.

Silicon Valley Realtor® Pat Kapowich

Similarly, buying without reading a seller’s pre-sale inspections is like purchasing a pre-owned car without test drives. In your case, your buyer's agent should have set the expectations. Updated, remodeled, or attractive homes older than today's homebuyer will have unseen and unaddressed issues under the hood. It's amazing that fireplaces and chimneys, a prominent feature of a home, are all too often ignored. Same for the most forgotten part of a home - the crawlspace.

Pat Kapowich, Silicon Valley Realtor®

It feels like you have inspection contingencies on an "as-is" sale so it’s best to understeer in initiating repairs to unsuspecting sellers. Have your agent telephone the sellers' agents. He or she should just describe the issues and provide the written report later. When the sellers safely conclude you might cancel their sale and force them to make a U-turn, they might initiate concession or repairs.

Pat Kapowich, Kapowich Real Estate

Conversely, buyers' agents can show their learner's permit in negotiations by oversteering a written demand for repairs. That type of surprise detour is often quickly redirected to a one-way avenue into a cul-de-sac. Keep in mind these components were not serviced regularly. The cost to get them up to speed is not an expensive dead-end.


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From: Richard Marquis, Receivership Specialists

RE: Recommendation for Pat Kapowich

I am writing you today to provide my highest recommendation for Pat Kapowich of Kapowich Real Estate. I recently had the pleasure of working with Pat on the successful sale of a single family residence in Sunnyvale, California. The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, appointed our company to sell the property on behalf of disputing parties after the death of a family member. Because one of the parties to the lawsuit was still occupying the home and the property needed attention, we believed this would be a very challenging assignment.

We engaged Pat Kapowich to list the property for sale and we were immediately impressed with his professionalism and his earnest desire to assist us in all facets of the sale process. Not only did Pat assist me with selecting vendors and overseeing the repairs that needed to be completed at the property, he also was instrumental in convincing the occupant of the property to cooperate throughout the sale process. Pat went far and beyond the call of duty on several occasions, assisting the occupant with moving her personal property and making hotel arrangements upon her vacating of the property.

After receiving over a dozen offers on the property, Pat was very helpful in negotiating with bidders and getting us to final sales price of $1,268,000, which was $300,000 or 25% over the appraised value.

It goes without saying that I look forward to working with Pat again and I have no reservations about providing him with my highest recommendation.

Please feel free to contact me direct if you would like to further discuss my experience with Pat.


Rick Marquis

Court Receiver