My wife and I became acquainted with Pat through of the real estate courses he offered at De Anza community college. Over a year later, we decided to start house-hunting in earnest and engaged Pat to be our realtor, as he had impressed us with the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the real estate business.

Pat did not disappoint us outside the classroom and proved to be every bit the consummate real estate professional we were hoping for on the real estate battleground. As a realtor with decades of experience in the field, Pat has a very keen eye for various aspects of properties to look out for and was able to size up listing agents and their intentions. When it came time to write an offer, Pat would bring in his trusted loan officer and we would brainstorm in conference calls on the best way to proceed. Once the approach was decided Pat would write the offer up and leave no stone unturned in polishing the presentation to the highest sheen possible so that we stood the best chance of winning the bid.

While the real estate market in Silicon Valley had heated up to a high degree when we were looking, Pat was able to adapt our bidding strategy to market conditions so that our no-contingency offers would look attractive while ensuring the integrity of the property by doing pre-offer inspections (using his trusted contractors). Owing to Pat’s supreme organizational and strategic skills, we were able to succeed in getting an outstanding property with “good bones” by only the third offer. Pat’s services did not end with the close of escrow; he continued to assist us by recommending good contractors for home renovation/repair and helping us to coordinate with them.

Pat is truly the realtor’s realtor who not only does the usual buying and selling that realtors do but has also been deeply involved in educating the general public about the real estate business through his courses, radio talk show, blogs and column in the San Jose Mercury News. The guy lives and breathes real estate. When you engage Pat, you also engage his extensive network of experts and contacts all working together to ensure your success. We definitely feel very fortunate to have engaged Pat to be our realtor.  

Weng Leong N.

Ryan Kapowich