It is a pleasure to recommend Mr. Kapowich.  I had my first opportunity to see his work when my childhood friend was selling her deceased parent’s home. At that time my grandparents lived across the street and I saw him repeatedly working side-by-side diligently with my friend to prepare the home for market. The home was filled with over forty years of family belongings and in need of updating. My friend was mourning the loss of her parents and just wanted to move on; however, Mr. Kapowich’s patiently guided her through emptying and updating the house. His vision was the catalyst that eventually led to her selling the home for two hundred thousand more than she originally expected.

Ten years later when my family was in a similar situation, I knew a trustworthy realtor to call. He thoughtfully worked with the trustees of my grandmother’s home to empty and prepare it for market. He worked tenaciously seven days a week and even brought in his own family members to assist in the process.  He went above and beyond communicating every step of the way and earnestly explained any detail or issue. I can proudly say that he was able to complete the sale and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other families.

E.A. Burns

Ryan Kapowich