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Pat Kapowich

Full-Service Realtor® / Instructor

If you're thinking of buying a home, there are a few key concerns you should keep in mind.

Success starts with forethought, planning and flawless execution.

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I first met Realtor Pat Kapowich while he was selling one of my older sister’s properties.


My sister has been has been very successful in Silicon Valley; I have absolute trust in her business instincts.


Since Pat was her Realtor when she bought and sold all her homes, it was only natural that I would hire him, too.


David Howard, Buyer/Seller Client

Thriving as a Buyer


  • How to spot issues
  • What area for the price
  • How to avoid overpaying
  • What's essential in a home loan
  • How to maximize your time
  • Ways to increase purchasing power
  • Actionable steps for the buyer's agent
  • Why inspections are vital
  • How to prioritize home improvements 
  • The levels of agent negotiating skills
  • Five ways to develop trust with seller/agents
  • Actionable guidance of consumer-protection 
  • Three ways to beat the competing buyer
  • Techniques to avoid counter-offers
  • The best forms of property review


"Human skills trump technical skills during real estate negotiations." Pat Kapowich


He should know - over half of his buyer-clients wrote one offer on one property


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Questions, concerns or inquiries? Realtor® Pat Kapowich, is a Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager qualified to help!