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Pat Kapowich

Full-Service Realtor® / Instructor

Many property sellers don't realize that selling a property is more than just putting it on the market.

Success starts with forethought, planning and flawless execution.

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  “After Pat knocked it out of the park and sold my Marin County home of 20 years for $215,000 over the asking price, he facilitated the sale of my parents’ home in Orange County, CA, yet this time by referring me to a local agent." 

Gary Marsh, Marsh Marketing


 "Unparalleled investments you made personally and through your massive marketing and advertising campaign got us into contract faster than we expected and probably maximized our success before contract negotiations even began. Furthermore, we still tell people how great you are at both textbook and out-of-the-box strategies." 

Giovanna and Matt Kulikowski, Buyer/Seller Clients


"Shopping for a house during the dot com bubble. We were so frustrated we about to give up. Even though the market was really hot Pat negotiated the purchase of a single-family house contingent on the sale of the condo - in a multiple offer situation no less." 

Paul Boster, Buyer/Seller Client

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  • How to spot issues
  • How to excel at pricing the property
  • How to avoid overpricing
  • What's essential in a home sale
  • How to maximize your time
  • Ways to increase net proceeds
  • Actionable steps for the seller's agent
  • Why all inspections are vital to sellers
  • How to prioritize home corrections or improvements 
  • The levels of agent negotiating skills
  • Five ways to develop trust with buyers/agents
  • Actionable guidance for  managing risk 
  • Three ways to beat the competing sellers
  • Techniques to avoid counter-offers
  • The best forms of property presentation


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"Human skills trump technical skills during real estate negotiations." Pat Kapowich


He should know - over half of his listings sell in 10 or fewer days regardless of market conditions.


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Questions, concerns or inquiries? Full-Service Realtor® Pat Kapowich is a Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager and qualified to help!